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5 Ways to Get More Pleasure from Sex with Kolkata Call Girls

Date : November 27, 2023

Pleasure from Sex with Call Girls

Everyone desires pleasure sex with call girls, and what better way to get it than through sex? Sex is full of excitement, lust, and passion, among other things. Everyone wants to have fun and enjoy themselves to the maximum. People have various sexual ideas and wants that they want to explore in the bedroom with their spouse.

Both men and women appreciate trying new things and experimenting with new things that will give them an adrenaline rush and heighten their senses so that they may enjoy more and more. Everyone has various tastes; thus, some people love smooth vanilla pleasure while others prefer wild, rough, and dominating sex.

How Can You Boost Your Sex Pleasure With Call Girls In Kolkata?

You can boost your pleasure with Kolkata call girls by using a variety of techniques and objects, such as a fragrant candle with various flavours and a sensually lighted bedroom. You can also have sex in many locations. Some people enjoy having intercourse in public places, such as the back of a car or in a swimming pool. To find out what makes you happy, you must be willing to try new things, let go of your inhibitions, and receive what you deserve, which is some wonderful sex. In Aerocity, you can have endless sex with escorts.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy sex more with Kolkata call girls:

  1. Foreplay
  2. Different positions
  3. Using sex toys
  4. Aphrodisiac
  5. Delaying Climax

1. Foreplay: Pleasure Sex with Call Girls

The majority of people believe that sex is simply fucking, however, this is entirely incorrect. Sex is far more than that. Sex is the art of getting pleasure from each other's bodies, and Kolkata escorts excel at it. Foreplay is an excellent way to boost your pleasure. Foreplay involves a lot of kissing, licking, and caressing. The importance of foreplay cannot be overstated. When their boobs are sucked, girls get tremendously turned on. Spanking is also a form of foreplay that you might attempt with your lover.

Men enjoy having their sensitive areas such as their neck, back, and thighs sucked and licked. You can sensually and slowly touch each other, from the chest to the sensitive parts. Many women do not even experience an orgasm from fucking, but rather from having their g spot sucked. You might also try erotically biting. Many people like cuddling because it releases hormones that make them feel calm and pleased. You can give each other mutual joy by sucking each other in 69 different positions. When you have foreplay, your senses are startled and enhanced, which allows you to experience more.


2. Different positions

There are only a few positions that are popular among people, but many people don't even know how to do them, and as a result, they harm themselves or do not enjoy them. You can test out numerous postures with your spouse because they are incredibly adaptable and competent. Positions such as the doggy style are well-known, but not everyone appreciates them. You can also experiment with other positions. Cowboy is a fantastic position in which the male partner lies down with his knees bent and the girl sits on him with her hands on his chest, then just glides forward and backward. You have the ability to suck and bite the girls.

Missionary is also one of the most pleasurable sex positions from which to derive the ultimate orgasm. The girl is lying on her back in this posture, and the male is lying on top of her, penetrating her. By placing your legs into different positions, you can improve the sensitivity of this position. It's a gentle vanilla position, but it's lovely since you can taste and kiss your lover. Spooning and sideways straddle are two other postures you should try.


3. Using sex toys

Many people think that using sex toys is horrible, but they don't realize that these small items can improve your enjoyment many times more. These toys are a terrific tool for folks who want to experiment and spice up their lives. You can experiment with a variety of sex toys like cock rings, handcuffs, couples massagers, butt plugs, and others. You and your companion can experiment with various toys. Men should use cock rings to assist them maintain an erection for a longer amount of time, allowing them to enjoy more.

It is available in a variety of materials and sizes, allowing you to experiment with it to meet your specific needs. A couples ring is a cock ring version in which the toy includes a cock ring as well as a clitoris stimulator. You can both have more fun with this. People interested in bondage and dominance can try handcuffs and hunts.

You can tie up your lover and do whatever you want to them while they are tied up. To surprise and delight your spouse, use a blindfold, handcuffs, and a spank on their body using hunters. Butt plugs are also a terrific tool for both men and women since they massage your g-spot, give you the sensation of rimming, and provide an amazing climax. These toys will undoubtedly liven up your bedroom and provide you with extra enjoyment.

APHRODISIAC Call Girls kolkata

4. Aphrodisiac

In the bedroom, aphrodisiacs can be utilized to turn on your lover and boost your sensitivity. They boost sexual desire and libido. Aphrodisiacs enhance blood flow and have effects on the brain, allowing you to have greater fun. Chocolate is a fantastic meal that works as a sex enhancer. You can both lick the same chocolate while kissing. You could also put some chocolate on your daughter and lick it.

You'll both have a great time. Different flavors appeal to different individuals, and you can both enjoy it while sucking each other off. You can also try scented candles flavored with chocolate, lavender, or vanilla. They will fill your space with a calming smell and help you relax while improving your pleasure. Make sure you apply an aphrodisiac in the bedroom with your companion.


5. Delaying Climax

This strategy is an excellent way to boost your pleasure. In this case, you postpone your climax by pulling out before it occurs. You repeat this several times, and the orgasm you experience afterward is unparalleled. You're almost there, but you don't cum, so you pull out your dick and start kissing and relaxing. You continue to have oral fun and foreplay and then start penetrating and pulling out just in time. You're getting a lot of pleasure out of this.

You can also use medications like Viagra to raise your arousal, allowing you to enjoy yourself for a longer amount of time. And it will be amazing when you both cum and attain climax. The climax you attain by delaying it numerous times is tremendous and unlike anything you've ever experienced. You should definitely give this strategy a shot the next time you have sex. You can also have a good time with escorts in Kolkata. They will never deny you sex time and will always be eager to have fun with you. You only need to make a phone call to have the time of your life.

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