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Difference Between Escorting And Prostitution

Date : March 30, 2022

Escorting And Prostitution

For some individuals, there is little difference between escorting And prostitution. They utilise the words reciprocally. Nonetheless, under Kolkata criminal regulation, there is an unmistakable contrast that makes one demonstration lawful and the other demonstration illicit.

What is an escort

What is an escort?

An escort is somebody who is paid to invest energy in you. The individual might go with you to supper, amusement settings, business issues, or essentially invest energy conversing with you. They are paid for their time spent associating with you.

Escorts are legal in Kolkata. However, they must have a valid licence, and they are prohibited from performing sexual services. Providing escort services without a licence is a crime in most cities and counties.



A whore is somebody who gives sexual services as a trade-off for cash or different types of thought. Prostitution falls under the umbrella of sex wrongdoings in Kolkata.

As well as being captured for taking part in sexual representations of cash or other thoughts, you can likewise be accused of wrongdoing assuming that you consent to participate in the demonstration of prostitution or request someone else to participate in the demonstration of prostitution. Hence, both the whore and the individual who is taking part in sex with the whore can be accused of sex wrongdoing.

Additionally, an individual who orchestrates sexual experiences between a whore and someone else can be accused of wrongdoing. These people are frequently alluded to as "pimps" or "ladies."

How can I avoid a CONVICTION for prostitution?

Never consenting to participate in sexual activities represents remuneration. Assuming that you employ an escort, participate in no demonstrations of a sexual sort. The relationship ought to be proficient.

If the police capture you for prostitution, requesting, or a connected offence, don't converse with the police or say something until you talk with a criminal protection attorney. You reserve the option to stay quiet and the right to lawful advice.

You likewise reserve the option to safeguard yourself. A lawyer audits current realities and conditions to determine the potential legitimate guards that apply to your situation.

Instances of protection against a prostitution charge include:

  • There was no remuneration traded among you and the other individual
  • You and the other party had no consent to participate in sexual demonstrations
  • The cops utilized illicit means to capture you
  • There is inadequate proof to demonstrate the lawful components of the wrongdoing
  • You are the survivor of mixed up character or bogus claims

A lively guard going after the shortcomings in the arraignment case can assist you with keeping away from the punishments and outcomes of a prostitution conviction.


Most prostitution charges are wrongdoings. In any case, that doesn't mean you ought to trifle with a prostitution charge.

A conviction for prostitution or connected wrongdoing brings about a criminal record, which could influence future sentences for different violations. It could likewise affect your public activity, family, and vocation.

A first-time prostitution conviction could result in as long as a half year in prison and a Rs. 100,000 fine. The punishment increments the brief conviction of prostitution. You serve at least 45 days in prison, with the chance of as long as a half year of prison time and a Rs. 100,000 fine.

Third and ensuing prostitution convictions convey a base prison sentence of 90 days, notwithstanding the punishments for a first-time frame offense. Your sentence could be more extreme on the off chance that there are exasperating conditions included, like participating in prostitution close to a school.

Before confessing to prostitution or some other sex wrongdoing, looking for lawful counsel is savvy. The examiner is just keen on acquiring a liable decision, regardless of whether you could have legitimate protection against the charges. Having somebody to advocate for you could have the effect of a blameworthy and not-liable decision.

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