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5 Types Of Sex Work

Date : January 31, 2023

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Five forms of sexual labor: An analysis

Types of sex work: Just like the use of apps and the internet to shop online, speak to a doctor, or meet new people, digital has played a prominent part in changing sex work. The sector has shifted to the internet.

The internet has allowed sex workers to now earn money through:

  1. As much as possible, raise their income
  2. Locate fresh platforms.
  3. Expand your audience
  4. Exercise greater authority
  5. Cut down on dangers

Most people think of "street sex work" when they hear the term "sex work," and they don't know how far the business has come over the years.

In reality, however, sex work is ubiquitous and takes many forms.

‘Sex work’ refers to an adult who receives money in exchange for consensual sexual or erotic services.

There are a number of ‘adult jobs’ that fall under the umbrella of sex work.

Whether you’re looking for an occasional casual encounter or seeking a professional sex worker, there are a variety of options available.

Although academic research has cited the fact that there are 25 different types of sex, we’ve rounded up the most common definitions and tried to demystify some recurring misconceptions.

Types of sex work

  1. Escort

Sex Working Act By Actress: types of sex work

Escorting can mean a lot of different services, some sexual and some not.

There are also two different types of escort: independent and agency.

In the first case, escorts will manage every aspect of their profession: market their services using a number of channels (most of them online, from generic social media platforms to specific directories), and deal with direct customer communications prior to their booking.

For the latter, escorts working with agencies don’t usually have to do as much self-promotion, as the agency they work with will provide this instead.

Most of the time, agency escorts show up to meet their clients and do what they were hired to do. The agency has passed all of the preliminary checks.

For either type of escort, the client can hire an escort for a specific amount of time.

They can also choose between an outcall service, where the escort meets the client at a hotel or the client's home, or an incall service, where the client has to meet the escort at their home.

Rates will vary based on the service provided.

It’s worth pointing out that escorting is a profession open to all sexes and thus caters to all tastes.

From heterosexual escorts (both male and female) and gay escorts to transgender escorts, all will differ in the sexual services offered to the client.

Again, some escorts will not offer sex at all but rather will simply accompany the client to public functions, while others will provide a service that will include some sort of sexual service.

If you are a potential client, it’s important that once you arrange to meet an escort, you make it clear where your interests lie prior to the meet-up because, again, the services are at the escort’s discretion. Be sure you don’t become a timewaster by wasting the escort’s time as well as your own.

2. Phone

Phone Sex

Phone sex involves a phone conversation between the sex worker and the client.

The conversation is sexually explicit, usually involving candid discussions revolving around sexual kinks and fantasies. Its aim is to evoke sexual arousal.

Phone sex and the hotline service boomed in the late Eighties, helping sex workers to monetize without having to leave the comfort of their houses.

The caller was not calling the service provider directly but was usually re-routed from a switchboard and charged by the minute.

Today, a wide array of technical options are available at all levels, and phone sex operator work is often provided via VoIP lines and other online messaging services.

3. Lap dancer

lap dancer: types of sex work

An exotic dancer or lap dancer will perform a striptease for clients. In some cases, this may involve some sort of nudity. This type of sex work usually involves close proximity with limited sexual contact.

These superficial contacts may include some touching and some nudity.

Different people call this kind of touching different things, like a "contact dance" or a "couch contact dance."

Not to be confused with "pole dancing," where the artist usually stays away from the crowd and only dances on a stage, lap dance is completely different.

4. Webcam

web cam sex: types of sex work

Most commonly known as ‘webcamming’, this type of service usually involves someone performing sexual acts streamed online. It is the latest development in the adult entertainment sector and the technological evolution of phone sex.

Clients can enter via video chat and provide ‘tips’ for sexual acts, requesting what they’d like to see.

Prices for this type of service can vary. Clients can opt between private cam rooms or public ones, where the cam girl performs for an unlimited number of people joining the video chat.

Webcams have meant that sex workers can reach a wider audience while taking control of the final marketing and distribution of their product.

This is evident from the number of camgirls that have successfully launched their own subscription services.

5. Massage parlour (includes sexual services)

kolkata massage Parlour

Although there are many massage parlors that offer strictly massage services, there are also massage parlors that offer erotic massages, which will see the masseuse offer the client a finishing sexual act to accompany their massage.

If you want a good ending, you should make sure that both the business and the massage offer the service. This is similar to what was said about escorting services.

The Nuru massage is one of the most popular types of erotic massage.

Other careers exist that could be classified as sex work, including adult film directors, sex toy sellers, and escort agents. In these jobs, however, clients are not directly served sexually, even though this is still a very important part of the business.

Sex work vs. sex trafficking

Commonly, there is a misconception that sex work is the same as sex trafficking.

However, this is categorically not the case, and it’s important to clearly know the distinction between the two.

I. Sex work refers to when a person willingly takes part in the sale of sex. This voluntary sexual transaction is consensual and does not affect the individual’s human rights.

Ii. Sex trafficking is based on exploitative coercion or non-consensual sexual transactions. Unlike sex employment, it is not voluntary. The person will also be pushed into sexual exchanges by assault, intimidation, kidnapping, and other means.

For information on how to spot the signs, read our sex work vs. sex trafficking guide.

If you suspect someone may be a victim of human trafficking, report it here.

Sex work research

Many instances of how the digital revolution has helped sex workers reclaim their jobs have been given in this article.

The Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester discovered that approximately 80% of over 600 sex workers think that internet platforms have made their profession safer and freed them from dependence.

Where to find sex work services

There are a number of reputable sites where you are able to find sex services.

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