How To Stay In Bed For Longer While Having Sex With Gorgeous Kolkata Call Girls

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How To Stay In Bed For Longer While Having Sex With Gorgeous Kolkata Call Girls

Date : October 10, 2022

Stay in Bed for Longer While Having Sex

You've contacted a gorgeous sexy girls in Kolkata, but how can you have satisfying sex with a gorgeous call girl in Kolkata? Buckle up because you're about to go on a "perfect" sex guide. Make the most of these recommendations. The best advice for having fantastic sex with any girl is provided here.

You choose to book a gorgeous Kolkata Escorts because you know you won't be able to stay with her for very long. How much guilt are you currently experiencing? You shouldn't feel bad, though, as practically all men experience it. Why? We become engrossed in the alluring beauty of girls. Here are our top suggestions for staying in bed longer without Cumming.

Tips To Last Longer in Bed with Hot Girls

Top 5 Tips To Last Longer in Bed with Hot Girls

  1. Position The Girl First.
  2. Switch Positions.
  3. Try Something Else.
  4. Do Kegels as well as yoga.
  5. Exercise and eat nutritiously


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Position The Girl

1. Position The Girl First.

You should always aim to please the lovely escort first when having sex with one of our gorgeous call girls in Kolkata. Regardless of whether you are having sex with a gorgeous Thane escort or some hot sexy escorts, you should always put their needs first. Why so? Because once you stop thinking about your own wants, you begin to concentrate on those of your spouse.

Most men commit this error they just consider meeting their own demands and never consider pleasing their partner. Well, with you, that shouldn't be the case. Make the girls your priority rather than yourself. Allow them to groan your name in your ears as you grind into their vaginas harder and deeper.

Switch Positions during sex

2. Switch Positions

Want to stay in bed longer? Alter your sex position frequently. When you sense that you're about to cum, act quickly and switch positions. Choosing the most personal positions during the first few minutes of sex will also cause you to cum quickly. Some of the intimate positions involve eye contact and are missionary. Keep this position last while having sex with Kolkata Call Girls. Doggy style and position 69 with lovely should be your first two choices. With our female escorts in Kolkata, you can progress to more exclusive roles like cougar and missionary.

Try Something Else: Stay In Bed For Longer

3. Try Something Else

Make sure you aren't thinking about Cumming all the time while having sex with one of our stunning escorts in Park Street. Think of something else while you are about to cum. might tally up to 10. You can also count backwards. Maybe respond to some ridiculous inquiries, like what you'll do if you meet an alien.

Do Kegels as well as yoga: Stay In Bed For Longer

4. Do kegels as well as yoga.

You could practice yoga and kegels to get fitter if you want to stay in bed with our gorgeous escorts in Kolkata longer. Early in the morning, perform asanas outside. You'll be able to meditate more effectively as a result, and your orgasmic longevity will also rise.

Male orgasms are the same as kegel exercises. To stay longer with one of our stunning female escorts in Kolkata, use kegel exercises. Kegel exercises simulate stopping urination immediately when you are in the middle of it. Your male manhood will become firmer and stronger as a result. Additionally, it will cause firmer erections.

Exercise and eat nutritiously: Stay In Bed For Longer

5. Exercise and eat nutritiously

These methods won't work for you if you adhere to all four of the aforementioned points while also consistently indulging in junk food and alcohol consumption. You won't be able to keep up with our call girls in Kolkata for very long. You must therefore consume nutritious foods. Make sure you routinely consume organic foods and vegetables. Give off drinking and smoking for good and have wonderful sex in Kolkata with our escorts.



Follow these instructions to enjoy a fantastic sexual experience with one of our stunning escorts. Today, reserve your stunning escort and enjoy an authentic night of bedtime.

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