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Top 10 Adult Web Series On Ullu | 18+ Ullu Web Series

Date : February 25, 2023

Top 10 Adult Web Series On Ullu

Ullu is one of the OTT platforms for adult-oriented web series in India that is expanding at the fastest rate. Since their debut in 2018, they’ve developed a niche following among young men desperate for love.

Unlike other larger platforms, ULLU TV is a smaller, more in-house platform that aims to appeal to rural India’s heartland because most of its stories are set in a village.

These Hindi Ullu web series are only intended for adults over 18 who enjoy adult Hindi web series. Ullu application is one of the most outstanding applications for watching Hindi erotic content online.

List of The Best Adult Ullu Web Series You Can Watch

1. Singardaan (2019)


Genre: Romance-horror

Cast: Shraddha Das

The plot: A man slips in love with a prostitute who brings a magical makeup box to his house. The sinister abilities of the Singardaan trap his daughter and wife. Shraddha Das, the lead actress, achieved fame thanks to the romantic Ullu web series.

2. Virgin Boys (2020)

Virgin Boys

Genre: Drama

Cast: Sarika Raghwa, Marina Kuwar

The plot: This is a daring web series about boys’ virg*nity, as the title suggests. It tells the story of three boys who are still virgins but eager to have s*x and lose their virg*nity. This is one of Ullu’s best web series, starring actresses Marina Kuwar and Sarika Raghwa.

3. Size Matters (2019)

Size Matters (2019)

Genre: Drama

Cast: Anmo, Karan Singh, Ravi Bhatia, Shikha Sinha

The plot: Size Matters explores diverse love, lust, and betrayal stories in its two seasons. The main character of the first season is a man who wants to marry a woman but falls in love with someone else, and the story centers on the two sisters’ betrayal in the second season.

4. Charamsukh (2019)

Charamsukh (2019)

Genre: Short

Cast: Sneha Paul, Dakshita Kumar, Eshan Tiwari, Jyostna Trivedi, Meenu Sharma

The plot: Charamsukh is a show you should watch if you like sensual TV. Every drama episode brings a new twist to the plot, sure to keep you interested.

Charamsukh explores a different love, lust, and intimacy story in its 13 episodes.

5. Mona Home Delivery (2019)

Mona Home Delivery (2019)

Genre: Drama

Cast: Usha Bachani

The plot: This series, in which Usha Bachani plays the title character, was partially inspired by the classic drama of Romeo and Juliet.

The saga of a girl and a boy who fall in love is the show’s focus; however, their families are involved in a huge fight that is far from over.

6. Halala (2019)

Halala (2019)

Genre: Drama

Cast: Shafaq naaz, Ravi Bhatia, Eijaz khan, Deepika Singh Goyal, Neelima Azeem

The plot: Shafaq Naaz, an actress, beautifully portrays the vices of orthodoxy in everyday life in Halala.

In the story, a happily married couple is in trouble when the husband gives the wife triple talaq out of rage.

7. Melting Cheese (2019)

Melting Cheese (2019)

Genre: Crime

Cast: Sachin Verma, Shikha Chhabra

The plot: Melting Cheese is a very fascinating and gripping story that has the potential to be your guilty pleasure.

It is about a woman who her husband’s secretary seduces, and the maturing sentiment between them makes it certain to be a debacle when the spouse finds out.

8. Shahad (2022)

Shahad (2022)

Genre: Adult, Short

Cast: Priya Gamre, Prashant Rai, Varun Sagar, Manju Agarwal

The plot: A couple gets married in this web series. According to the trailer, there are two brothers; the older brother marries, while the younger brother is still single and falls in love with his sister-in-law.

The sister-in-law also injures his pr*vate area and applies honey to it simultaneously. This story is different from the standard series, and we must wait for the release to find out what happens next.

9. Walkman (2022)


Genre: Drama, Crime

Cast: Ridhima Tiwari

The plot: This series focuses on a woman obsessed with a Walkman for her wild fantasies. This story takes place in a rural area.

A man also tries his best to please his wife, but the wife has a great fantasy and satisfaction, so she starts dating other men in her area. In addition, this series provides a glimpse of the actress Ridhima Tiwari enjoying a Walkman to herself.

10. Lady Finger (2021)

Lady Finger

Genre: Mystery

Cast: Ayushi Jaiwal

The plot: Fans love the series as the story has unique suspense. In addition, Ayushi Jaiwal has gone above and beyond in this web series. Even watching this series with its original plot will be enjoyable.

More Adult and erotic web series are released each on Ullu Tv, and gain very good response from the viewers.

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