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Top 10 hotels in Kolkata for unmarried couples

Date : May 10, 2022

Top 10 hotels in Kolkata safe for unmarried couples

Yes, definitely. We Touch me kiss mee provides the best top 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star safe hotels in Kolkata for unmarried couples with 100% safety.

There are lots of hotel And resorts in Kolkata where the unmarried couple usually hangs & they are absolutely safe and secure. One name of the hotel that we can suggest is The Park Hotel Kolkata which is near the place in Park Street and that too is within your budget.

You should go for that, and moreover, you can also give it a try with the touchmekissmee  you will get a lot more options.

Kolkata is not called the City of Joy for nothing! It is one of the most vibrant and liveliest cities to visit, particularly for its cultural potpourri, the nostalgic monuments, and, of course, the sheer warmth of its people.

Kolkata is also known for its vibrant hospitality sector, throbbing nightlife, and a melange of well-known eateries and restaurants.

Kolkata's top 10 hotels are listed below.

  1. The Park Hotel
  2. ITC Royal Bengal
  3. JW Marriott Hotel
  4. Novotel Hotel
  5. ITC Sonar
  6. The Oberoi Grand
  7. Hotel Hindusthan International
  8. Taj Bengal
  9. The Pride Hotel
  10. Holiday Inn Hotel
Kolkata top hotels

The most romantic hotels in kolkata where you should take your girlfriend?

There are number of romantic hotels in Kolkata where you can take your girlfriend for a memorable night.

Take a romantic stroll along the Maidan or sit down and relax. You can also visit Prinsep Ghat which stands out for its beauty and strategic location on the banks of the Ganges, making it an uber romantic place by all means.

The Howrah Bridge is another landmark worth visiting in addition to the Rabindra Sarobar Lakes.

The spiritually inclined can visit the Dakshineshwar Kali Temple and Kalighat while those who are looking for gastronomic pleasures can take a trip to the famous Chinatown or Park Street.

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Why do hotels cause problems for unmarried couples?

Have you ever wondered why it is difficult to book rooms for unmarried couples and why hotels are reluctant to accept them in Kolkata or elsewhere in India? It's most likely due to the narrow-mindedness that persists in our culture.

Unfortunately, hotel owners often worry about the potential ramifications of society's critical attitude. This is occasionally done to avoid legal issues. They are terrified of being sued or having their reputation harmed.

However, a considerable majority of hotels will accept unmarried couples as long as they can produce acceptable identification. There is no legal requirement that you be married in order to rent a room.

Furthermore, hotels may make it look tough to book a room as part of a bargaining strategy to charge more based on your apparent desperation.

Safety Tips for Unmarried Couples

Safety Tips for Unmarried Couples Looking to Stay at Hotels in Kolkata

People's attitudes towards unmarried couples, including hotel personnel, are not always positive. Booking a secure hotel for unmarried couples in Kolkata is never a simple process. But do not be afraid! I've got some useful recommendations to help you handle the hotel booking process securely and reduce hazards. Believe me, these tips have saved individuals many times.

  1. Always reserve a hotel online after doing appropriate research and reviewing customer reviews from previous stays. This can help you avoid unpleasant inquiries at reception while checking in.
  2. Don't forget to bring acceptable ID evidence while checking in and completing the procedures at the reception. Never hide your genuine identity or present a phoney ID, since this might get you into serious problems with the authorities. Remember that booking a hotel with false names might lead to worse problems.
  3. Always study the hotel's policy on unmarried couples and verify that the hotel is couple-friendly.
  4. Choose only expensive hotels. Never choose inexpensive motels since they might lead you into major difficulty. Good hotels are traditionally recognised for welcoming unmarried couples. They resemble a location where genuine understanding reigns.
  5. Dress to Impress: When you check in, dress professionally, whether in business or casual wear. It establishes a good tone and helps you look professional, which alleviates any possible concerns.
  6. Making the call: Contact the hotel's main desk before you arrive. Confirm your reservation and ask if there are any unique benefits or services offered.
  7. If the front desk questions you about your marital status, gently refuse to respond. Remember that your personal life is your own concern, not anybody else's.


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