Want to have sex with a female escort in kolkata on your first meeting?

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Want to have sex with a female escort in kolkata on your first meeting?

Date : November 28, 2023

sex with a female escort

I'm Jessica, a self-sufficient female escort from Kolkata, and I want to share my experience with you on how to have sex with female escorts on your first date. I've been in the prostitution profession for 5+ years, and I know that a man who books his first escort has a lot of them. Others wonder how he will satisfy his bodily lust with his companion.

I'll teach you how to have sex, so you can have fantastic sex with any girl and make her and yourself happy.

When you book a female escort in Kolkata, numerous questions may arise, such as whether you would be comfortable with them.

Sex is an art that each man does differently with his partner, and if you consider something and go for sex, you will not be able to have sex properly.

When you book a Kolkata Call Girl for the first time, you are expressing a desire to have sex that you are unable to enjoy with your wife or girlfriend.

So let's figure out how to have good sex.

  1. First and foremost, clean your entire body, including your private parts.
  2. Avoid having hair near your penis.
  3. Talk to a call girl in the room for a few minutes and ask her what she wants.
  4. After a while of talking, lie in bed with an escort.

Then, for a time, play with your female escort to get her eager.


  • When your female escort partner becomes thrilled with you, you begin removing her garments and also taking her clothes off.
  • After you've undressed your escort, you can do whatever you want with her.
  • You begin kissing lips, and after 10 minutes, you press her breasts.
  • And he continued to press slowly. You begin kissing her breast after some pressure.
  • After a while of kissing, you begin licking her boobs. You sucked her boob hard enough to make the escort realise you liked her boob.
  • You kiss her on the stomach and kiss her tummy, then come down and put her hands in her underpants and feel her vagina for a while. After some time has passed, remove her underwear and begin licking her vagina.

It's critical to have fun with your call Girl.

It is critical to correctly kiss the vagina so that the female escort is completely drugged. Insert your tongue inside her vagina.

You now put your penis in the hands of a female escort and allow her to wiggle her penis.

After you've had some fun, ask him to give you a lovely kiss if he agrees to put your penis in your mouth.

It's time to prepare for sex.

You now insert your penis into her vagina and penetrate slowly. As your penis enters her vagina, gradually move your penis inside. Then you lie down on the call girl and insert your cock deep into her vagina. The louder the blow, the more interested the female escort will be in having sex with you.

The female escort will improve your sex.

After about 15 to 20 twists, you can adjust the position to your liking and then push the penis into her vagina and bang it hard, removing your penis as soon as your sperm flows out. Take the sperm from the condom and remove it.

Remember to use condoms during sex because prudence is required. This way, you will be able to enjoy sex. So, if you liked our post, you should apply our advice to your forthcoming escort.

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