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Top 6 Very Necessary Sex Tips from Sex Workers [Escorts Girls]

Date : April 10, 2023


Sex Tips from Sex Workers: Sex workers should have the basic knowledge to prevent some common mistakes while working with or dealing with their customers. By following these simple tips, they can work for a long period of time in this sex field and also stay fit and healthy for life.



  1. There is never enough lubricant. Many people think lubricant is a crutch and that if you require it during sex, you're doing it wrong. It's wrong. Everyone benefits from lube. Although some sex friction is nice, too much may burn your body. Porn stars enjoy penetrative sex off and on for hours; therefore, we should apply plenty of lubricant to minimize friction-related injuries and keep things smooth. I devour bedroom lubricant bottles like candy." Pornstar and producer Anjali.
  2. Everyone experiences some level of sexual insecurity. (And you are, in fact, normal.)  - Sex labor taught me that everyone's wants are tainted with fears and shame. My admirer's and clients' most commonly asked inquiries are variants of 'Is this weird?' or 'Is it Acceptable that this turns me on?' The majority of what is referred to as "strange" is actually rather normal
  3. Setting hard boundaries improves sex. Sex work taught me that boundaries are not only acceptable but also necessary for a satisfying sexual experience. I learned to trust my instincts about people and situations and to set clear boundaries. Knowing how to say a clear and straight no (and yes) to clients helped me feel more confident doing it in my personal life, and my sexual life has improved dramatically since I've been open about my limits.
  4. Female ejaculation can aid in the prevention of urinary tract infections. I experienced UTIs during intercourse. Preventive measures included unsweetened cranberry juice, tablets, peeing before and after intercourse, hygiene, antibiotics, probiotics, naturopathic medications, and avoiding sweets. Doctors stated that ultrasounds made me susceptible to illness. Only frequent ejaculation eliminated UTIs. Ejaculate has anti-UTI qualities; therefore, I no longer require urinary sachets in my purse.
  5. There's nothing more enticing than knowing your own body. Any ethical porn producer will ask about your interests first. If you say, 'Well, I don't know; let me think about it,' you don't know your body well. Regular masturbation, honest communication with your partner(s), and exploring new methods may increase body literacy. This is appealing because porn stars know their bodies like professional athletes.
  6. Naughty talk is effective. The author advises telling your lover you appreciate them. Sex workers can't read minds, so they have to experiment to find out a client's wants and quirks. Sexting lets you say what you want without making eye contact, and dirty chat is a great way to bond.

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