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Top 6 Very Necessary Sex Tips from Sex Workers [Escorts Girls]

Date : April 10, 2023


Sex workers should have the basic knowledge to prevent some common mistakes while working or dealing with their customers. By following these simple tips they can work for a long period of time in this sex field and also they can stay fit and healthy for life long.



  1. There is never enough lubricant - There's a common misconception that lubrication is a crutch to rely on and that if you need it during sex, you're not doing it right. It is just incorrect. Lube is beneficial to everyone. It reduces friction during sex, and while some friction is enjoyable, too much can cause rug burn inside your body. Because porn stars typically have penetrative sex off and on for hours at a time, we're encouraged to use a lot of lubrication to avoid friction-related injuries and keep things feeling nice the whole time. I go through lubricant bottles in my bedroom like candy these days." —Andre Shakti, porn star and producer.
  2. Everyone experiences some level of sexual insecurity. (And you are, in fact, normal.)  - Sex labor taught me that everyone's wants are tainted with fears and shame. My admirer's and clients' most commonly asked inquiries are variants of 'Is this weird?' or 'Is it Acceptable that this turns me on?' The majority of what is referred to as "strange" is actually rather normal
  3. Setting hard boundaries improves sex - Sex work taught me that boundaries are not only acceptable but also necessary for a satisfying sexual experience. I learned to trust my instincts about people and situations and to set clear boundaries. Knowing how to say a clear and straight no (and yes) to clients helped me feel more confident doing it in my personal life, and my sex life has improved dramatically since I've been open about my limits.
  4. Female ejaculation can aid in the prevention of urinary tract infections - I used to get UTIs whenever I had sex. To avoid them, I tried everything — unsweetened cranberry juice, cranberry tablets, peeing before and after intercourse, additional hygiene, antibiotics, probiotics, naturopathic herbs, and avoiding sugar. I underwent ultrasounds and physicians simply told me that I was susceptible to infection. My UTIs suddenly cleared only when I began ejaculating on a regular basis. It turns out that there is some proof that ejaculate has anti-UTI effects, thus I no longer need to carry Ural sachets in my purse.
  5. There's nothing more enticing than knowing your own body - The first question any ethical porn filmmaker will ask is what you're into. If you respond, 'Well, I don't know, let me think about it,' you have a problem: you don't know your own body well enough. Masturbating frequently, discussing honestly with your partner(s), and trying different techniques are all definite ways to improve your body literacy. Porn actors know their physique as well as professional athletes, which is quite enticing.
  6. Naughty talk is effective - The most important thing is to let your partner know what you appreciate," says the author. Humans aren't mind readers, and even experienced sex workers sometimes struggle to figure out a client's desires or kinks through trial and error. Dirty conversation is an excellent method to connect, and sexting allows you to say exactly what you want without having to make direct eye contact.

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