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Top 10 Kolkata Red Light Areas

Date : June 8, 2023

Top 10 Kolkata Red Light Areas

Looking for a red-light area in Kolkata? You've arrived at the correct location! In this blog article, we'll go through the top 10 red-light areas in Kolkata, including their names, addresses, and charges.

The rich cultural heritage, delectable food, and interesting history of Kolkata make it a joyful city to experience. Additionally, most people don't see another part of Kolkata, which is the red-light districts. In contrast, the city has a lot of busy streets and bright colors.

Moreover, sex workers of various ages and countries characterize these districts with flashing neon lights, bustling streets, and waiting for customers, often being home to them. Consequently, the bustling red-light areas of Kolkata have made it one of the country's most popular tourist sites.

In conclusion, if you live in Kolkata or are just visiting, you should find out about its red-light areas and what they offer.

Kolkata has one of Asia's largest red-light areas.


In the city of Kolkata, the main spots for evening activities are located in the downtown and southern parts of the city.

Major points of interest include Sonagachi, Kalighat, Bowbazar, and Park Circus. These bustling spots offer a range of services, from affordable workers to upscale companions.

Prostitution, considered unlawful in India, occurs heavily in red-light districts where sex workers often face mistreatment and manipulation. Additionally, they may lack other opportunities and are consequently exploited. Furthermore, those in positions of power may take advantage of them due to their vulnerability. The world-known Sonagachi stands as the second-largest red-light district, harboring around 51,000 sex workers who work around the clock.

Kolkata's Red-Light Districts

Even though prostitution has a bad name, the "red-light" areas of Kolkata are still busy with both locals and visitors. Additionally, if you go to Kolkata's red-light districts, remember to be kind and respectful to the people who work there.

Remember, these women are people too. Moreover, let's not forget, they're people, not objects or goods; they have basic human rights.

In the parts that follow, we will look at the top 10 red light areas in Kolkata, including their location and pricing. In addition, we seek to bring insight into this frequently misunderstood component of Kolkata culture by examining the many characteristics of these regions.

Get ready for a walk through the heart of Kolkata's red-light districts.

Top Kolkata Red Light Areas

  1. Sonagachi: Asia's Largest Red Light Area.
  2. Bowbazar: The Sex Capital of Kolkata
  3. Garia: Small red-light district in Kolkata
  4. Kalighat: A Red-Light Area with a Long History
  5. Kidderpore: South Kolkata's Bustling Red-Light District
  6. Tollygunge: A Little-Known Red-Light District
  7. Khardah: South Kolkata's Bustling Red-Light District
  8. Lebu Bagan: Red-light district in north Kolkata
  9. Beniapukur: A Red-Light District with a Bad Reputation
  10. Ranaghat : A red-light area that has seen better days.

Sonagachi: Asia'S Largest Red Light Area

Located in north Kolkata, Sonagachi is the biggest red-light area in Kolkata and across Asia. Additionally, several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are striving to offer healthcare and other necessary services to the sex workers here.

Sonagachi is Kolkata's largest red-light area. Furthermore, welcome to our post about Sonagachi, Kolkata's famed red-light district. In addition, the Sonagachi Red Light District is located in Kolkata, India. It is one of the country's largest and most well-known red-light districts, and it has grown in popularity for a number of reasons.

Moreover, the sheer expanse of the Sonagachi red light area contributes to its popularity. Reports suggest nearly 100,000 people in the sex trade operate in the area. This places it among Asia's notable areas of adult entertainment.
Furthermore, this concentration of sex workers has attracted customers from around the country and abroad.

Famous And Affordable Red Light Area

Sonagachi is becoming more famous because it is cheaper than other Indian red-light districts. Customers in Sonagachi can find sex workers for a low price of 200 Indian rupees. This is a lot less expensive than what you'd pay in some red-light areas.

The Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC) is key. It boosts awareness. It highlights the issues sex workers face.

DMSC is a sex worker-led organization that provides healthcare, legal support, vocational training, and advocacy to sex workers. Their efforts have contributed to the de-stigmatization of the trade and the betterment of the lives of sex workers in the Sonagachi red light district.

Sonagachi Red Light District's History

First of all, Sonagachi has a lengthy and complicated history. For example, one story tells us that this place came into existence in the colonial era. Furthermore, it says this place started as a low-income residential area in the 1800s. Subsequently, after some time, it changed into what is now called Kolkata's Sonagachi red-light area.

Kolkata Sonagachi red light zone

Sonagachi'S Social Influence

Additionally, the presence of a red-light district has serious social, economic, and health consequences. Specifically, human trafficking and sexually transmitted illnesses pose threats to sex workers. Furthermore, a red-light district normalizes the commercialization of women's bodies and leads to gender inequality. Moreover, sex workers face the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, they can fall victim to human trafficking as well.

The Current Situation In The Red-Light District Sonagachi

An estimated 51,000 sex workers make Sonagachi one of Asia's red-light districts. The area is full of dark brothels in tiny alleys and alleyways. Living conditions are horrible in many of these rooms without windows. Sex workers here face pimp and client violence, harassment, and extortion.


Bowbazar: The Sex Capital of Kolkata

In the heart of Kolkata, you'll find Bowbazar, a popular red-light area. It's where about 500+ sex workers live. It's filled with many small passageways. Bowbazar is infamous for its illicit prostitution rackets, and there have been multiple police searches here in the past.

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Garia: Small red-light district in Kolkata

People from all over the world will visit Garia since it is a well-known destination in Kolkata, India. Additionally, individuals that visit Kolkata come from many cultures and organizations. Furthermore, it is also true that they have various traditional backgrounds. Therefore, given their preferences, do people have the ability to satiate their sexual desires?

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Kalighat is well-known for its religious significance.

Kalighat, in south Kolkata, is another major red-light district. It is located near the well-known Kali Temple and houses about 2,000+ sex workers. Kalighat is well-known for having a high prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted illnesses. Active voice: Several projects have been launched to provide healthcare and other necessary services to the sex workers here.


Kidderpore: A Red-Light District with a Long History

Located in south Kolkata, Kidderpore is a minor red-light district housing over NUM0 sex workers in its narrow alleyways. Kidderpore is notorious for its illicit prostitution rackets, and multiple police raids have occurred here in the past.


Tollygunge: A Little-Known Red-Light District

Around 300+ sexual workers reside in Tollygunge, located in south Kolkata, making it another red-light district. Spread out along numerous tiny alleyways, it houses this population. Tollygunge is notorious for its illicit prostitution rings, and various police raids have occurred here in the past.


By night, Khardah is a popular red-light district.

Sex workers reside in Khardah, a minor red-light district located in north Kolkata. It is home to approximately 50+ of them and is spread out over numerous tiny alleyways. Khardah is notorious for its illicit prostitution rackets, and various police raids have occurred here in the past.


Lebu Bagan: Little known red-light district in north Kolkata

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Beniapukur: A Red-Light District with a Bad Reputation

Over 150 sex workers reside in Beniapukur, a minor red-light area centrally located in Kolkata. It is spread out among numerous tiny alleyways. Beniapukur is notorious for its illicit prostitution rings, and multiple police raids have occurred here in the past.


Ranaghat is a red-light district that has seen better days?

Red light area: Ranaghat, which is located in north Kolkata, is a minor red-light district. West Bengal's Nadia district is a tiny town that has long been the center of the commercial sex trade.

Rates in Kolkata's Red-Light District

If you intend to visit Kolkata's red-light districts, you should be aware of the prices and charges for the various services available.

Here is a tariff list for some of Kolkata's most prominent red-light areas with price.


Red Light area name

Rates List


starting from Rs. 500


starting from Rs. 700

starting from Rs. 200


starting from Rs. 10,000

starting from Rs. 500–600


starting from Rs. 1,000


starting from Rs. 100


starting from Rs. 300


starting from Rs. 8,000


starting from Rs. 200–300

Rates In Kolkata Red Light Areas

You must understand the risks involved and take the necessary precautions. On the other hand, it's crucial to respect the individuals working in these areas and to approach the situation with sensitivity and empathy. If needed, seek assistance from local organizations or authorities. Furthermore, it's essential to be mindful of local laws and regulations while navigating these areas.

It's crucial to remember that prostitution is illegal in India; however, going to red-light districts might be dangerous. Make sure to use safe sex and to be polite to sex workers.

To conclude, Kolkata is a city with a long and complicated past; moreover, one of its most contentious parts is prostitution. The red-light districts of Kolkata are well-known across the world; in addition, they cater to both visitors and residents.

However, the sex or escort business in Kolkata is also well-known for its illicit operations and hazardous working conditions. It is critical to address the issue of prostitution and offer good healthcare and other facilities to sex workers.


Kolkata Red Light Areas: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is prostitution permitted in Kolkata?

In Kolkata, prostitution is not legal. It is, nonetheless, common in many sections of the city.

How many red-light districts are in Kolkata?

Sonagachi, Bowbazar, Garia, Kalighat, Kidderpore, Tollygunge, Khardah, Lebu Bagan, Beniapukur, & Ranaghat are the top ten red-light districts in Kolkata.

Are healthcare services offered for sex workers in red-light districts?

Some structured brothels give healthcare to their sex workers, whereas illegal brothels do not.

Are visitors safe in Kolkata's red-light districts?

No, the red-light districts of Kolkata are notoriously dangerous and should not be visited by visitors.

What can be done to solve the prostitute problem in Kolkata?

The government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) might collaborate to offer good healthcare, education, and other facilities to sex workers. It is also critical to tighten down on illegal activity in red-light districts and to provide alternate means of income for sex workers.

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